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A winemaker with superlative taste making wines of incredible quality! These are wines you should never be without!!​

As a leader in the renaissance of the "balanced wine" movement, Keith Webster leads the way with wines that will make you remember the "good ole days" when you could linger over a bottle of wine, or two, have a little conversation and smile as you left the table.– José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, revolutionary and wine afficianado.

"I create wines that are balanced, elegant and take you on a journey from the time you open the bottle until you consume the last drop. The wines develop in an ever changing scenery of the senses, morphing from "wound tight" to open and embracing, like a love affair. A new experience with every sniff of the glass and every taste of the wine, that, to me, is what fine wines should do. Create a journey of the senses." - Keith Webster, winemaker to the ones that matter, you!

"Wines of this stature are few and far between and when one finds the origin, one never wants to disclose it for fear of losing the exclusivity of source" - Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli, philosopher and bon vivant.

The wines we create are balanced, integrated, delightful expressions of the winemaker's love of the process and care in allowing the manifestation of the true nature created in the grape itself. Manipulation is kept to a bare minimum, additives are frowned upon, filtration is considered an unnecessary step and the result is a wine so complex and sophisticated, you could take it home to your parents!! 

"My wines are like meeting the love of your life, a dance of experiencing the delight of knowing someone who, at first contact, is intriguing and who grows more and more connected to your soul with every kiss!"

Taste the wines that are at the forefront of good taste!

The production is very limited so do not hesitate to place your order. 


Chelli & Keith

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