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Where our grapes come from......

People always seem to ask "Where are your vineyards and how many acres do you farm?" Well, that's a fair question and here's the fair answer.

I am not a grape grower. I genuflect in awe of the folks who have made a life of growing the fruit I utilize in my wines. They are my heros. They make what I do possible. I can in no way do what they have been doing for generations and would never be presumptious to think I could do anywhere as good a job as they do.

I partner with the best growers with the best vineyards that fit the style of wine I make. Together we walk the rows, inspect the vines, determine the pruning, watch as the buds begin to blossom into the greenest, most verdant scene imaginable. Together we discuss ripeness, I like to listen to the person who knows their land and their vines tell me when they believe the grapes are at peak maturity. Together we pick some berries, squeeze them between our fingers and watch as the seeds gently separate from the inside of the grapes. Then we taste. Then we decide to pick. 

Then we make WINE!!!

You dedide if you like it and if you do, BUY IT, NOW!!!